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Are you feeling stuck in your job (or looking for your next one?) Wondering if the problem is with you, or your career? Looking to improve several areas of your life? The Outlaw Coaching on-line courses give you the tools to be your own coach: videos and audios that explain key coaching concepts and how they might apply to you, worksheets and exercises that you can revisit again and again, and the keys to applying them to your own life, and round the clock support and accountability in the on-line group. Click on each course, below, to get more information about each one.

The Outlaw Coaching plan arrived in my email at a perfect time when I was looking to exit my 19-year career practicing law. I appreciated its multi-faceted approach and creative exercises so that if you were not comfortable with writing, you had other options to work with. You may even discover something about yourself that you may not have known no matter how long you have been in a profession. I certainly did! - Sin Yen, New York City